DSLR Sensor Loupe By GGS - This 5x powered loup was getting a lot of attention at Photokina with everyone and their brother wanting to be distributors, so they should be on the store shelves very soon. One thing that I liked very much right off the bat with this loupe, was its power source. Using AAA batteries they will last very long and can be found in most any corner store. The photo above tells you right off the bat what makes this one stand out from the others. Yes it has an extendable rail that mounts in the hot shoe allowing you to raise it up and change from 5x to 2x for viewing your cleaning operation. Using the rail is not required as this loupe woks just like all other sensor loupes too. Made in China (all loupes being sold today, be they from Delkin, Visible Dust or LensPen are made in China.) Knowing the cost, I'm guessing the street price on this loupe will between $49-$59.

Update 3/09: MSRP in the USA is $79.95 and is rebadged as DLC Sensor Sensor Vue Loupe and is distributed in the USA by Dot Line Corp.